Contribute to erasing the NJ Digital Divide. Join us in our initiative to provide in-home access to technology and a year of Broadband Internet Service to AT LEAST 100 underserved and unconnected individuals.  

Everyone has the internet, Right? Wrong! However, the belief that everyone possesses adequate technology—digital tablets or personal computers-- and in-home broadband-- access other than dial up--internet access disenfranchises individuals at the less fortunate end of the digital divide—the gap between those with ­­­­­­­­access and knowledge of technology and those without.

Throughout New Jersey there are 499,804 households without in home broadband access and 316,891 without access to technology. In New Jersey, those more likely to lack access are households with incomes less than $20k.  These households are also more likely to reside in concentrated areas of poverty when compared to higher income residents. There are proven techniques to close the divide, but we must first understand where it is most prevalent. Check out our NJ Poverty & Digital Divide Map .

To all this we say let’s focus on those who need access to achieve greater wellness in their lives. Some good news is there’s an abundance of technology throughout and some great low cost programs available to those in need. BUT some individuals need assistance gaining access to the technology continuum:

Level 1 Possessing updated hardware, software and adequate connectivity.

Level 2 Possession of Technology Literacy—knowing how to use the hardware—Resources.

Level 3 Having access to content that is meaningful to the user.

Level 4 Fully functional technology and systems that ensure access to exchange, create, and share digital content that accompanies adequate access to information, economic, educational, and social resources.

Interested in starting a local #EraseTheDivide Initiative? You can receive training from #EraseTheRedline to access our resources and business connections to help close the divide in the places you care about. 



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